Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello backyard chicken supporters! Time to turn our attentions once again to the Brookfield Village Hall. Monday, October 10th the board will meet to vote on a backyard hen ordinance in Brookfield, Illinois. The meeting is this Monday at 6:30pm at the village hall located at 8820 Brookfield Ave in Brookfield. The BNSF Metra stops about 300′ from the village hall and the 331 route from Pace stops outside the building.

This is the big one, folks! Come out! Call the board members, send them emails...let them know we want this for our community!

This ignorant way of thinking, that chickens are in some way "dangerous", can only be met with patience and education. Get your fact cards out, let them know all the pluses to keeping backyard hens and that there are sound facts that debunk all of the popular myths.

If you can not attend the meeting, please call or email the village trustees to share your thoughts:

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  1. Leave the Chickens ALONE ...haters.
    Y'all just mad residents thought of the chicken idea & the village cannot profit from them. Stop being mean & leave the chickens alone!