Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Village Hearing, History, and Landmark News

So today was really interesting in the "Bring Backyard Chickens to Brookfield, IL" front. This morning I found out that not only did the Village allow chickens "back in the day", but there was actually a Brookfield Poultry Association that had competitions and awarded ribbons to residents who raised them here in town! Not only interesting, but really, really neat! I think that's pretty cool. I'd love to find out if they just fell out of favor. There doesn't appear to be any ordinance ever added to stop people from having them. Maybe this will be a situation where we find out that they've always been here. Still trying to get a copy of the Village charter.

The second thing that I found out was that The Landmark, our local paper, wants to come out and learn more about what we're trying to do here. They're going to take pictures of the coop and the girls. Boy! Should I be doing something to primp them for their photo shoot?

My dream is that in a year from now we can have walking neighborhood tours of people's backyard gardens & coops and maybe some friendly competitions. Wouldn't it be wonderful for the kids to all get together over in Kiwanis Park and show off their pet chicks?

But the biggest, and most important, news is that we are confirmed for the hearing on the ordinance.  
Please, please come out, bring a neighbor, and show your support. Even if you don't want to raise hens, help the folks who do enjoy this wonderful hobby currently or leave the option open for folks in the future.

Thank you!

Annie is getting ready to lay her first egg


  1. That is fascinating! How long ago did the Poultry Association exist? My mom remembers having chickens around here (We live in the house she grew up in) in the 1940s/50s, and a friend down the block said her uncle kept ducks until the 1980s, I think.
    Are you in the Garden Club, and do they have an official stance on the topic? It seems like things that go hand in hand - the Garden Club and the Backyard Hen movement.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I'm just learning about the Poultry Association. That would be interesting to find out.

    I'm not in the Garden Club. I'd love to join, but with kids, a full-time job, and a home business I'm a bit short on time. But I love what they do. They have a great presence in the community and I've enjoyed visiting with the folks who participate that I've met thus far. I plan on heading down to our Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to see who's there and talk to them about the chickens.

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi Amy
    I found this website upon purchasing a loving cup at a local sale. The cup is a trophy and is dated 1915 for (BEST COCK IN SHOW). My husband I laughed, but soon realized that people actual had poultry shows as the kennel association does. I think the cup is sterling silver and I find it to be such a coversation piece. I love history and this is a great part of turn of the centure American culture. I live in Alabama so I can only imagine some traveled the distants to compete. You can reach me at